The live teleconference sessions of NCDS, SOPVA & SOH (Hindi) scheduled for today (20th June, 2022). Gyan Darshan Channel scheduled for today (20th June, 2022). 3.00-4.00 Experts: Prof. S. P. K. Jena, Delhi University & Dr. S.K. Prasad, NCDS Center: National Center for Disability Studies (NCDS) Topic: Psychological intervention for Adolescent Problems with Special Reference to Disability 4.00-4.30 Expert: Dr. Mallika Banerjee School: School of Performing and Visual Arts (SOPVA) Topic: An Introduction to BA Performing Arts – Hindustani Music Honors 4.30-5.00 Expert: Dr. Rajwanti School: School of Humanities (SOH) Topic: Stri Aur Arthik Swatantra The Phone Numbers for interaction with the studio are 011-29532844, 011- 29532845 & Toll Free: 1800112346 This is for your kind information please. With Regards Ravi Shankar S Coordinator, GD